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Introducing four new vegan friendly styles!

We're always creating new, original shoes. We recently launched two new collections, consisting of four different styles. All designed to get you stomping in style. Ready to bring your shoe game to a new level? We're here to make you the coolest person in the room. Get ready to show off your iconic looks. 

Be the star of the party in our new Glow In The Dark Star Lug Sole. It features a sole standing at 2 1/4" at the heel and 1 7/8" in the front. In the light the stars appear to be grey but as soon as you turn off the lights they glow a bright green. The perfect shoes to really shine in.

The Glow In The Dark Star Casbah Boot sole stands at 1 1/2" at the heel and 1" in the front. It has the classic creeper sole and the stars also appear to be grey until the room gets dark. Turn off the lights and get to dancing. The glow in the dark stars look like the ones you used to put on your ceiling as a kid, who doesn't love some nostalgia?

Another new head-turning style is our Midnight Chameleon Viva Mondo Creeper. At first glance these creepers appear to be a navy blue, but when the light hits the shoe it turns into a whirlpool of sharp, bright colors. The sole stands at 1 3/4" at the heel and 1 1/4" in the front. Feeling fierce? Throw on these colorful Creepers and get to turning heads.

The last style is the Midnight Chameleon Viva Mondo Boot. The classic creeper sole stands at 1 3/4" at the heel and 1 1/4" in the front. Another new shoe that's here to make a statement. These boots were made for walking- and serving looks. Lace up and live life fearlessly. 


Photographer: Alysha Nett

Models: Ryan Emily + Chase


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