Violet Velvet Viva Mondo Boot
Size: Women
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Walk right into a purple haze with these lush velvet boots. These cool creeper combat boots feature a vegan friendly purple velvet upper with a 7-eyelet lace up detail and a platform sole height that is about 1 ¾” at the heel and 1 ¼” in the front. Has removable memory foam insoles for added comfort and inside zipper closure for easy on/off.

Style#: V9656L

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Julianne Joseph
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Best shoes EVER!!!!

There is absolutely zero things wrong with these shoes!! I get threats to get them stolen by 90% of people who sees them and let me tell you they are very noticeable! They are so comfy and add a little height—which makes me feel part of the tall club—even if one inch taller 😅
I love these shoes so much because of the joy it brings me, the compliments I get NON-STOP, even when I’m not wearing them people continuously ask about them. They can’t stop thinking about them and eventually have purchased their own. I know of at least 5 confirmed purchases due to my referral and I’m too happy to share. I Seriously believe everyone in the world should at least own a pair of these; it will make your life better.. I mean I cannot stop saying enough great things about them. Whether you’re a velvet fan or not you will love them. In fact, people have converted to velvet just because of how well made they are.. of and they go with any and everything in fashion.
Okay enough about the shoes. The customer service is 💯 🙌🏽. They are so attentive and responsive, it feels too good to be true, except it is true! They are the best and that is on everything I own! Please don’t ever go out of business and reward the designer and maker of these shoes. I have the emerald green booty pair, the burgundy creeper pair and the blue (suede) creeper pair. I want the orange one so badly but they haven’t been back on the market since being sold out and I’m so sad about it 😭 as soon as it’s back I’ll be adding them to the collection. I do plan on adding more when I’m able to afford them, as they are a bit pricey, but totally worth every penny if you ask me 🤗 so that being said, please keep taking my money 💰

peter h.
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Totally Cool!

The colour is brilliant. Awesome product. Comfortable and stylish.

Leslie-Anne Fraser
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Narrow True Fit Wide (Width):

I bought these as a treat for myself, as soon as I saw them I just knew i had to have them. I am so glad I did! I get so many comments, they look amazing! and I will be buying more shoes from here as soon as possible!

Teia Mingus
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Soo Cute and Comfortable

These are my first pair of TUKs and they are sooo comfy! Normally boots hurt like any new pair of heels or flats, but not these. I have slightly wide feet(enough that vans slip ons are super tights) but these fit perfectly. I will for sure be ordering another pair.

Galen Bryce
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Great Boots

Good quality, decent material, beautiful color as pictured on the site. Thumbs up.