Black TUKskin™ Viva II Low Creeper
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Iconic style that won’t quit. The timeless creeper that you know and love is back featuring a new sleeker sole that is more lightweight and flexible than ever. Features a low platform height that is approximately 1 ¼” at the heel and ¾” in the front and is made of a mixture of EVA and rubber that contributes to the sole’s bendability. Has an all-black upper made of our high quality TUKskin™ material — polishable synthetic faux leather that is both soft and breathable. Comes with removable memory foam insoles for added comfort.


Customer Reviews

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Carrie Eck
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New favorite shoe

I LOVE shoes! I've been looking for a new shoe style for a while now. I've stuck with Vans, Chucks and Docs for non-work life and it's been all good. I've worn scrubs and sneakers for work forever for work, but recently started a private practice and didn't need to wear scrubs anymore, but couldn't quite pull off the above mentioned shoes with my new quasi professional wardrobe. These shoes, however, filled the role perfectly. They're pretty comfortable; I spend the whole day in them and I have shite feet. **If you're measuring your feet and you're in between sizes' go up one. If they end up being a bit slippy in the heels you can get a grip that fits inside the heel in the foot section of any store with a pharmacy. You should really buy these. They're awesome.

David Arellano
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Black TUKskin™ Viva II Low Creeper

zee bee
Ive come alive?

As soon as I stepped into these shoes... not only were they a perfect fit, comfy, daring, but I was ready. For what? couldn’t tell you. I felt dapper. i felt powerful. immediately starting strutting with my hands in my pockets. this energy could be felt by others and resulted in compliments from people I've never spoken to. i hope these gems stay w me for a good many years. dont discontinue these, because i will come back for more if something happens to them. for this price, the quality has Delivered so far. I would say size up if u are between sizes. Thank U & bles

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Excellent Shoes!

I love these shoes. I've never owned creepers before and don't really ever wear raised shoes of any kind (like heels), so I think though I was hesitant going with a 'low' pair was a good idea! And boy, are these shoes comfortable! Vegan, but they feel like butter! They still need to be broken in though, they fit perfectly so my heel was a little chapped after wearing them, but I look forward to wearing them more!

Katie Ho
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Black TUKskin™ Viva II Low Creeper