Black Suede Classic Stratocreeper
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Shoes to stomp on hearts with. These bad boys’ have an all-black suede upper that sits on our lightweight VIVA stratocreeper sole that has a platform height approximately 3” at the heel and 2.5” in the front. Includes removable memory foam padding for extra comfort.

Style#: S9789

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Angela Barac
Small True Fit Big (Size):
Narrow True Fit Wide (Width):
Teenage dream fulfilled!

Ever since I was a teen I was absolutely in love with Creepers shoes, however due to my place of living I could never afford them nor even ship them even if I could. Now as an adult I finally could AND DID!!

Absolutely gorgeous and exactly the same if not better looking than in the pictures. Very comfortable, surprisingly lightweight. High quality materials and without a single production flaw.

My friends were also blown away by how they look both on their own and with styled outfits. Recommended 100/10

Rachel Workman
Small True Fit Big (Size):
Narrow True Fit Wide (Width):
In Love

I've wanted platforms for years, I'm so blessed to finally have this pair. The details are stunning, they fit like a glove, & I feel so confident in them!
The only issue to be aware of: The bottom of the shoes have slightly rounded grips, so it may be a little wobbly at first. But you learn how to walk safely & they're so comfortable & easy after a day of practicing.

Stephanie Williams
Small True Fit Big (Size):
Narrow True Fit Wide (Width):

These are the perfect shoe! They fit great, look great, and arrived so quickly I was shook! I haven’t worn creepers since high school and these give me so much nostalgia with an elevated design that gives me so much life✨

Bobby Kelly
Small True Fit Big (Size):
Narrow True Fit Wide (Width):
Black suede classic stratocreeper

I LOVE! These shoes, so comfortable and surprisingly easy to walk in. I wish the pink ones came in a mens 10 😭 I would definitely buy these again!

Caralyn G.
Small True Fit Big (Size):
Narrow True Fit Wide (Width):
My new favorite pair

They are comfortable, they add height without weight. They look clean & are well designed.