Black 7-Eye Chain & Strap Dino Lug Boot
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Normal is boring. Add some height to your day in these rad boots, featuring a cool, dino lug platform sole. Features a vegan friendly, black faux leather upper with a 7-eye lace-up closure. Has 4 removeable straps for some extra attitude. Has a sole height that is approximately 2 ¼” at the heel and 1 7/8” in the front. Has removable memory foam padding for added comfort.

Style#: A9752

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Edith Perez
Small True Fit Big (Size):
Narrow True Fit Wide (Width):
No regrets with my purchase

I purchased the boots without giving them a second thought. I'm obsessed with my boots!!! They are super light and comfortable to walk in. They do run small. I'm a size 7, and they fit just right. If I wear thick socks, they fit tight. I wear them with thin socks for a comfortable fit, which works for me. If you want to wear thick socks, then I suggest sizing up.

Ruben Vargas jr
Small True Fit Big (Size):
Narrow True Fit Wide (Width):
Felling my self

Love the boots. First day I used them they were comfortable AF and been getting lots of compliments on them!! TUK or bust!!!

susan Warkentin
Small True Fit Big (Size):
Narrow True Fit Wide (Width):
Black 7eye chain strap Dino boots

These are great, fit perfect, many people stop to look at them. Tuk is my favorite...

Chris Hollister
Small True Fit Big (Size):
Narrow True Fit Wide (Width):
Light and comfortable

I’m literally in love with these boots. They’re not heavy like I was expecting, so it doesn’t feel like I’m dragging my feet whenever I wear them. The soles are super soft and comfortable to stand on for long periods of time. Also, I finally get to be as tall as the rest of my friend group! :-‘)
The only slight annoyance I’ve noticed is that the underside of the tongue in the right shoe digs into the top of my foot a little bit. Hopefully wearing them more will even that out, though! All in all, I’m obsessed with these and will be buying more pairs of shoes from TUK.

Jessica Hawkins
Small True Fit Big (Size):
Narrow True Fit Wide (Width):

I got Size 5 in 4 pairs that I ordered. And they all fit great. I’m not going to wear thick socks with the flats/maryjane. And normal socks work good. The Boots have no zipper and getting them on is snug, but once my foot is in there they are comfy. even with thick socks. I have tiny feet. It’s hard finding things in my size. I usually wear a w5-5.5. I was concerned by what everyone was saying about the pointed toes, and sizing up. I have moderately wide feet and short toes and didn’t. If I wore 5.5-6. I definitely would. These will stretch more over time and be even better to wear. Very happy with my purchase and glad to be apart of the TUK shoe family now.