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Audrey Lynn Kitching is an American style icon, fashion model, artist, designer, & healer. She has been declared "It Kid" and "princess of pop culture website Buzznet" by Nylon, a "weekend role model" by Glamour, "one of the rising crop of Hollywood Internet stars taking the underground by storm" by the Los Angeles Times, and an "American social media icon" by Indie Magazine. With over 650K social followers, there is no doubt that she is a major force in today's fashion world. We had the pleasure to interview her on her unique career, her current Crystal Cactus project, and her love for T.U.K. Shoes... check the interview, her photoshoot pics, & see how to WIN a Crystal Cactus & T.U.K. SHOES PRIZE PACK below!!!


Hi Audrey! Tell us a little bit about yourself, what kind of work have you done in the past and what do you do now?

My name is Audrey and I collect things in jars and play with birds in my free time. But I'm also known publicly as a model and healer who runs a metaphysical crystal shop. 

You’ve accomplished many different types of projects during your career, what inspired you to start Crystal Cactus?

I just felt like I had a lot of knowledge I could share with people, and through beautiful products was a great way to do so. I'm not really into pushing things down people's throats or intense activism. I think that turns people off and makes them shut down. The best way to get a message across is to let people find it themselves. Were starting a weekly newsletter this fall which will send out during different phases of the moon and educate on everything from crystals, spirit animals, moon rituals, astrology and energy clearing.


You have an entrepreneurial spirit much like T.U.K.’s founder, Ian White, has. The journey of starting your own business must not have always been easy! What was the biggest lesson you learned from it?

I just live by feelings and I started Crystal Cactus because it felt right. I had no business background, education or investor. I just went for it as kinda an experiment in all honesty. The company grew extremely fast, and when this happens you're forced to learn a lot. The biggest lesson I think would be trust. Whatever it is that your suppose to do in this world, it will never feel like you are swimming upstream it will always feel right, you must trust that. But do not mistake this for me aying whatever your suppose to do in this world will happen easy without hard work and any disruptions.       

Let’s talk about your T.U.K. collection! What is your favorite pair that you own?

I love the floral boots I shot in. It's the perfect mix of feminine and roughness. Very "leather and lace" which is always my go-to! Never too tough, never too girly. 


Not being afraid to pave your own path and express your unique individuality has played a large role in your life & career. What advice would you give young adults who may be struggling to do the same?

You just have to honestly not care at all. You can not care what people think about you. You can not care if you don't fit in. You have to be 100% yourself with no reservations. People will not always understand you. They may not even like you! Who cares—keep being you. The minute you start feeding into what everyone else is doing and thinking is the minute you start to self destruct. Everyone else has already been done before, why try to emulate something that exists when you can be your own version that's original and genuine without any strain?

What can we expect to see from you in the future and are there any new projects you’d like to share with our readers?

I have been working on two books and an aura photo gallery project over past few months! The first book is called 'The Book Of Feels'. Now, I'm not really a photographer but its all photographs I'm taking with an Olympus Camera who we had partnered with. It's photos of things that make you feel, with written descriptions and quotes. A little manic but mostly awesome. The second one is about the significant spiritual symbolism of birds and this will also be made into an oracle tarot deck as well. The aura project is sorta top secret at the moment, but I can promise it will be brilliant.







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