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WINNERS POST - (12/24/15)

"...As a treat to everyone who didn't win this time around,
I scored you guys 25% OFF all shoes at tukshoes.com with
code “ NICK4TUK25 “, valid until the end of January." - Nick




I’m stoked to announce that I’ve teamed up with my favorite shoe company ?✨ @TUK_footwear to give away some signed band merch AND a few pairs of T.U.K. shoes + more! To enter follow me @nodirectioncasa, @swstheband , & @tuk_footwear .. then repost this image & hashtag #StNick4TUK ! They’ll be will be choosing 3 WINNERS! Contest ends Dec. 23rd, and winners will be announced 12/24! Only 1 repost per day, spammers will be disqualified. More details below: ?ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER gets 3 PAIRS of T.U.K.’s (of your choice), a (full band) SIGNED VINYL COPY of #SleepingWithSirens #Madness, 2 of my guitar pics (designed by @nevermade_) & a one-of-a-kind signed Instax photo from ME! ? ?TWO RUNNER-UPS will EACH win 1 PAIR of T.U.K.’s, 2 of my guitar pics (designed by @nevermade_) & a one-of-a-kind, signed Instax photo from ME!? Photo: @grizzleemartin

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