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Emma Danner from Red Ribbon recently released her new album "Planet X." We caught up with Emma to ask a few questions to learn more about her as an artist. Keep scrolling to see more!



How did you get started in music?

I started busking with the violin, that was my first professional music job.  But I have always loved music, there was a piano in the house before I was born which helped a little.


What is currently inspiring you?

I am trying to train my brain off the negative feedback loop that my mind sometimes gets stuck in.


You just had a new album and music video come out. Could you tell us about that?

Ambar Navarro is the most inspiring person I have met since I moved to Los Angeles. She directed the music video for "Renegade".  We made the video in November 2020 in Los Angeles and the Lancaster desert.  The album will be out on June 11th with Danger Collective Records.


What was your biggest inspiration while working on your new album?

Touring the past few years with my band was the biggest inspiration for this album, that's what I was doing as I was writing it.


Which one of your songs do you currently relate most to?

I'm really looking forward to "Way" being released.  It is fairly cryptic and took me three years to write even though it is lyrically so few words.  The band is Heavy on that track with Veronica Dye on drums and flute, Abbey Blackwell on bass.  They are such amazing musicians, I'm looking forward to sharing it very soon.


What are you working on next?

I am working on a live music performance which is a sensitive subject figuring out how to gently re-enter the world of live music in a safe way for audience and musicians given the shit show of the past year. It's coming though...



To see more of her head to her Instagram.


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