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We want to do our part and support local businesses and artists during this pandemic and time of social distancing. We’re going to feature a San Diego local tattoo artist each week across our socials. We sent out shoes to tattoo artists to add their personal style to T.U.K. shoes. While everyone is staying safe at home we want to help bring our community together with what we know best, self-expression. Our customers have continued to support us as a small business, so we want to continue to support our community. This week’s tattoo Creeper is by Droopy. Droopy Tattoos out of Tattoo Royale in North Pacific Beach San Diego, California and has been tattooing since 1991. 


To see more of his work head to: Droopbomb
To check out his Instagram: @droopyroyale




  • Posted on by peggy p

    saweet! lemme k ow how yo order size euro 5.5 women’s 7 pb vermin!!!!

  • Posted on by Marco Maestre

    I love these how can I get a pair of the white sneakers creeps and how much Would that cost ? Droopy is incredible artist I’m down for a pair. We’ll appreciated .

  • Posted on by Lisa

    Amazing! I would never wear mine for fear of dirtying up the gorgeous artwork.

  • Posted on by James Bell

    Where can i get them ????

  • Posted on by Eric E.

    Just take my money already!!!

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