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0 comments / Posted on by Hana Woodward


Show off in fierce style. Featuring Avalon Lurks in the Black Leather 1970 Original Creepers. 



Tell me about yourself:

this question reminds me of dating apps so here's what one of my profiles says:

"i geek out on" synthesizers, pop music, esotericism, conspiracy theories, sushi, chicano history, psychedelic experiences, spirituality, yoga

"my simple pleasures" that one second of grainy sound before the music starts on a vinyl record ^^

"a social cause i care about" gentrification and redistribution of income in latinx/POC communities


How long have you been in the music industry for?

i honestly don't think i'm even in the industry now, so never. i have no interest in it.


How did the song “Papi Chulo” come to life?

like morrisey says, sing your life.


How does fashion help you express yourself?

it's been a way of rebelling against the status quo and what is deemed "cool" for me.


Where do you typically find inspiration from?

lowrider magazine models and catholic school uniforms.


What’s your favorite part about creating music?

thinking about it


What’s next for you?

its all pretty top secret, but im working on a larger body of (musical) work at the moment & finishing a book of poems i want to release next year ॐ




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