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0 comments / Posted on by Hana Woodward



Dorian Electra in the Black Leather 1970 Original Creepers.



What made you want to become a musician? 

love music :}



What does your typical song writing process look like? 

Usually I have the song concept or title in mind first, sometimes a music video idea too- then an idea for the vibe of the song musically, and then start trying to make a song.



What’s currently inspiring you? 

Discovering tons of new amazing artists online recently.



What is music to you? 

For me, I like to think of music as part of a bigger world, a whole concept, aesthetic or story, fashion, visuals all play into how I think about making music for me.



What’s your all-time favorite experience on tour? 

crowd surfing is usually very fun



How does fashion help you express yourself? 

I like to wake up and be like hmm- what vibe do I want to feel today? and then be able to change it



You identify as gender-fluid, what do you want people to know & understand about that?

That i’m very chill about gender and for me personally, I experience it more like a mood or vibe or flavor that shifts all time.





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