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The original style of Creepers remastered. Featuring Soko in the Black Suede & Leopard 1970 Original Creepers. Making her mark with her individuality. Soko is a musician, actress & a queer mom and she recently released her new album, Feel Feelings. 



What was your inspiration for your new album, Feel Feelings? 

I wanted to legitimate all feelings, access those deep hidden ones within myself, even the not so pretty ones, even the sad sad ones, even the lonely ones.. And put them all down slow and soft over mellow, sexy and warm sounding tunes that feel like a cuddle.


Which song from Feel Feelings do you currently hold closest to your heart, why?

 Probably "Hurt me with your Ego" coz i feel like that's the eternal battle. Most conflicts usually happen because of ego. and you have to constantly keep yourself in check and work on mental health and trying to be a better person to be able to develop better communicating skills and therefor have better relationships with yourself and everyone around you.


Being vulnerable with your feelings in such a public way can be scary, how do you find the strength to do it?

I've always been very open with my feelings and i used to be made to feel guilty and ashamed for having some bad mental health days.. As if we all need to be "perfect" all the time. It's like wanting to go against the tides, go against nature, go against seasons. It doesn't make any sense to me and we just have to support each others through the good days and the bad days. So a lot of my songs are about that " BEING SAD IS NOT A CRIME" "DON'T TELL ME TO SMILE".. it's my "i'm not gonna take this anymore" moment !


What song on your new album came most naturally for you to write?

 Blasphemie was the one that surprised me, because i had never attempted to write in french, and suddenly it all poured out of me. I was trying to write "this song" about this particular situation for so long. About this particular break up, this particular negative space left after it.. But somehow i couldn't figure it out in english, it was something i had lived in France, in french, and i couldn't translate it.. And then.... magic happened. i'm very proud of this song.


What do you want people to take away from this album? 

Hopefully a warm and fuzzy feeling of feeling understood, not alone, and hopefully they'll leave feeling lots of feelings !


Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your new album?

 I recorded it in NY, way before i was even pregnant, and i went celibate while i was recording it to be fully dedicated to the music only. It took me a year and a half to make it.. It helped me sort out so many trauma and irradicate old patterns ans ways of thinking that no longer served me. I'm so happy that i get to have this record as a proof of these trying times, but also, very happy that i am now on the other side of it.

And now i can teach my baby how to feel his feelings too !


What’s next for you?

Hopefully tour the record as much as possible once the world gets back on track.. fingers crossed.. Meanwhile i just enjoy life slowing down and being a full time mama and doing album promo and still trying to get creative with it all.





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