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0 comments / Posted on by Hana Woodward

James Tran x T.U.K. Footwear 



 We teamed up with various tattoo artists to showcase their talents on our iconic creepers. Using our shoes as their canvas, tattoo creepers were born. Each month a new artist collaboration will be released at limited quantities you wont want to miss. Our loyal customers have continued to support us, so we want to continue to support our community.



Tell us about yourself, where you tattoo at & the shoes that you customized: 

My name is James Tran, though I have done guest spots all over the world, I have only shop that I’ve been a resident at for the last 13 years, Full Circle Tattoo in San Diego.

I wanted to design a pair of TUK boots that represented the styles and imagery that I’ve enjoyed doing for the last few years. A lot of floral, and a lot of anime.


Is the art style similar to your usual tattooing style? 

For the most part yes, the imagery for sure, the application, I do like to do some subtle stipple shading with all my work. But I really enjoy the white on black look that works so well with the boots.


What was the inspiration behind the Tattoo Creepers you created? 

I just love floral patterns and how organic the petals of chrysanthemums look. They are some of my favorite flowers in real life, and an absolute blast to tattoo and design. I also wanted to include something that was more on brand with the moniker Visual Amor, something I’ve been going as since I started tattooing. So the crying anime eyes with the chain heart seemed proper. 


Where do you typically draw inspiration from? 

Anime, manga, Victorian illustrations and botanical prints.


Besides tattooing, what’s your favorite medium? 

I went to college for painting and printmaking, but I am enjoying digital art more and more. 


Do you remember the strangest tattoo request you’ve ever received? If so, what was it? 

A gentleman claimed he lost a bet, and wanted Bert from Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie, but with dilated pupils and on his butt. Of course I said yes. It’s not everyday you get to do a tattoo like that.




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