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1 comment / Posted on by Megan Neibert

Our Tattoo Creeper project is a way to collaborate with talented artists to add their spin on our creepers. We love working with creatives in any capacity & we want to see the world from their lens. To check out more of Miss Vampira's work head to her Instagram 


Tell us about yourself & the shoes that you customized:

Hi! I am Miss Vampira and I am a tattoo artist at Grit n Glory in NYC. I specialize in blackwork and black and grey portraits with a focus on horror and pop culture. 

I wanted my customized shoes to be a representation of my flash art - bold blackwork on a solid white background. I also wanted to showcase my love for vampires, so I splattered the shoes with my favorite spooky vampire flash from over the years! 


Who or what is your biggest inspiration when it comes to your art?

Horror imagery is definitely my biggest inspiration. I have loved all things spooky since I was a child, so it’s pretty awesome to be able to create horror art on peoples bodies for a living! I also love anything pop culture in general! 



What is your typical process when coming up with a new design?

I usually like to start doodling and then ideas start to pop into my head! Watching a movie or tv show I’ve seen a hundred times (think Scream 2 or Dexter) or being in nature also helps my process! 


What piece of yours is your all-time favorite and why?

That is super hard but my current go to answer is a horror blackwork sleeve I did a while back. It was a combo of all of my counts favorite horror movies and/or imagery and a lot of it was based on flash I drew. It was my first entire sleeve and cover up project, so it was also a huge learning process but I love the way it turned out. Being able to put my style on someone and also an entire sleeve was such an honor. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in the arts?

I have always been an “artist” in one way or another. But once I turned 30 I truly decided to follow my dreams and pursue tattooing. It’s truly a dream come true and it took a lot of hard work to get here but I wouldn’t have it any other way and I am so grateful! 

1 comment

  • Posted on by Kimberly Centeno

    Those would be great to wear on stage with my band The Love Bats….I love them….❤️🦇

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