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2 comments / Posted on by Megan Neibert

Our Tattoo Creeper project is a way to collaborate with talented artists to add their spin on our creepers. We love working with creatives in any capacity & we want to see the world from their lens. To check out more of Chanel's work head to their Instagram 


Tell us about yourself & the shoes that you customized:

Hi I'm Chanel! I'm an LA based tattoo artist and painter with a focus on Dark Love-Core aesthetics. In the spirit of the season, I decided to go with a traditionally Valentine pallet. I really wanted to create something over-the-top, making the most of the space these extreme platforms allotted me. Combining traditional tattoo elements with drag-inspired embellishments, I was able to bring my vision to life!


How would you describe your art style? 

I've always been drawn to the dark and romantic. I would say that my style embodies both of these themes.


Who or what is your biggest inspiration? 

I am constantly seeking inspiration from all forms of media; anything glamorous, vampiric, hyper girly/femme, and valentine-related, I am the most drawn to. Whether it comes from film, fashion, new trends, the works of other tattoo artists or painters, what inspires me the most changes day by day. 


What’s your typical process of coming up with a new design? 

If I have an idea, I will immediately write it down in my notes, before I lose it. I write it down just as I see it in my mind. I love to write and try to be very descriptive. These notes can sometimes turn into mini journal entries. I pull from these notes when I’m in the mood to paint or draw.


What piece of yours is your all-time favorite and why?

my favorite changes constantly, but at the moment I have to say these shoes are my favorite! They were a labor of love and really out of my comfort zone. My favorite pieces are typically the most challenging. My favorite tattoo I’ve done has to be this recent heart face I made. This was another challenge for me and I’m really proud of the result. I remember having a great time getting to know the client I worked on that day, as well. It was a really fun session!


What is your favorite thing about being an artist? 

The connections I get to make with other artists and especially my clients. Being a tattoo artist can be quite intimate, at times. Sitting with someone for hours, I get to hear their stories and their passions. I have the opportunity to meet a lot of like-minded people in my line of work. 



  • Posted on by jess

    wow stunning !!! inspiring me to customize my shoes !!! <3

  • Posted on by Stella

    Obsessed. Will these sale!??

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