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Our Tattoo Creeper project is a way to collaborate with talented artists to add their spin on our creepers. We love working with creatives in any capacity & we want to see the world from their lens. To check out more of Creepy Gals's work head to their Instagram 



Tell us about yourself & the shoes that you customized:

Hi I’m Linda. Most people know me as Creepy Gals, the Lovecore Bimbo of Los Angeles. I’m a multi media artist that has created a world based around a distinctive Valentine palette. I wanted my TUK shoes to be its own character in my universe. I dressed her up in my colors and signature bows and spikes , thus the bimbofication was complete .


How would you define your arts aesthetic?

I would say Kitschy Lovecore Fantasy wrapped in chain and barbwire . I incorporate Valentine, Kitsch, Coquette, Bimbo, Clown, Devil, and Fetish Motifs into my work. 


What’s your typical process of coming up with a new design?

 I visualize existing things and how they would look in my world. It’s like I’m seeing life through Creepy Gals glasses . 


Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

Vintage Valentine cards inspired my love for my color palette and gaudy aesthetics. Kitschy personas like Betty Boop and the colorful cast of Sanrio inform the looks of my own characters and the works of fetish illustrators like Eric Stanton and Gene Bilbrew inspire the edge. 


How does fashion & art help you express yourself?

Art and fashion allows me to fully embody the world I see in my head . I create a vision through my illustrations , which guides the environment I construct through physical pieces . The next natural route for me is to do Creepy Gals drag. I make costumes and do the makeup up to become my characters. Every step of the process expands the fantasy . 


What’s your biggest accomplishment within your career?

I’m most grateful and humbled by the community my art has created . Because I make fully immersive spaces and serve dramatic outfits and looks, it encourages and inspires others to dress up as well. Whenever I have an art show, I can see my people coming from a mile away , a sea of pink and red cuties that are down to clown . It means so much to be able to create a fun and safe environment for likeminded people express themselves in a positive way. 


I’m working on my next solo show at Superchief Gallery which is set to open February 11, 2024. Mark your calendars!




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