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1 comment / Posted on by Hana Woodward


Our Tattoo Creeper project is a way to collaborate with talented artists to add their spin on our creepers. We love working with creatives in any capacity & we want to see the world from their lens. To check out more of their work head to their Instagram




Tell us about yourself & the shoes that you customized:

HI! I’m Matt Darling, full-time art weirdo, painter/illustrator and whatever else I can get away with, based out of Toronto Canada .I wanted to try to carry some of my more recognizable visual vocabulary into  these 3 buckle shoes and I decided to go with a pointed toe just to make my life more complicated. I thought it would make the most sense to customize a style I would typically wear and I chose white to keep my monochromatic palette


What currently fuels your creativity?

Weird feelings. introspection. Human interaction.


What’s your biggest accomplishment within your career?

There have been a lot of events or touchstones over the last decade that  I could mention but I feel most accomplished with the growth both personal and artistic that creating consistently has afforded me.


How would you describe your art style?

I’ve always said it’s like if valentines and halloween were the same holiday.


Where did your inspiration for the shoes come from?

I wanted to make them instantly identifiable as me. Within the limits of the surfaces available.


How was working on this project for you?

It was a bit of a challenge but really fun!  I haven’t worked on three dimension surfaces in a long while!





1 comment

  • Posted on by Stacey

    Once again, I am obsessed with an artist created pair of shoes! I wish TUK would release these.

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