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2 comments / Posted on by Megan Neibert


Our Tattoo Creeper project is a way to collaborate with talented artists to add their spin on our creepers. We love working with creatives in any capacity & we want to see the world from their lens. To check out more of Regina's work head to their Instagram 


Tell us about yourself & the shoes that you customized:

My name is Regina Prager, and I am a full time artist. I live in the PNW but grew up in the Midwest, where a lot of my inspiration comes from. I designed my shoes with classic Halloween in mind, and the happy feelings it brings. Pumpkins, ghosts, leaves- these are my favorite things!


How would you describe your art style?

I describe my art style as ‘mostly wholesome spooks’! 


Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

Growing up some of my big inspirations were Richard Scarry and Tim Jacobus (he drew a lot of the Goosebumps book series covers). Also the entirety of the 1990s Halloween aesthetic.


What’s your typical process of coming up with a new design?

Most of my designs are drawn on a whim after I just picture something cute in my head and feel like it needs to be shared with the world. Inspiration hits at random times, and I just follow it wherever it wants to go! :)


What piece of yours is your all-time favorite and why?

I once heard someone say that an artists favorite piece is the one they just made, and I feel like that’s very accurate for me. Most recently I drew a pumpkin person riding their bike through the autumn leaves, because lately I’ve been trying to enjoy the changing season as much as I can. Autumn is just so beautiful and should be appreciated while it’s here.


What is your favorite thing about being an artist?

My favorite thing about being an artist is seeing people react to my art! A lot of what I draw is nostalgia based, so to see people light up because it takes them right back to their childhood, or to a fun memory, honestly makes my day!


regina prager





  • Posted on by Mark Stopper Boggs

    I love these

  • Posted on by Jill

    I’m so glad to see artists putting their spin on shoes. Shoes are just as important in people’s personal style choices. It just really makes me smile to see wonderfully spooky styles like these. Plus I love the way more and more people are embracing the “everyday is Halloween “ styles in their own lives. Kudos to this artist for putting her mark on these creepers.

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