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How did Automatic come together?

H: Lola and I met at Burgerama 💀 in 2016 or something, and then I met Izzy at a party ~on the scene~ a little later.


Where are you currently finding inspiration?

H: We are inspired by the moment we are in, reflecting on the past, waiting now, and looking to the future. Everyone in the world is trying to find their place in this new paradigm, and those existential questions are always inspiring to me.

I:  I recently binged watch a few seasons of  RuPaul’s Drag Race for comedic relief and comfort inspo. Also a lot of Mae West movies. Watching people transform into irreverent, decadent beings makes me feel cool.


What do you want people to take away from your music?

H: Ideally I want women, or any other marginalized group to feel inspired by our music, to make music. When we started it was a boys club, where most people did things in a similar way, and it felt exclusive. That vibe is changing now, here in LA. I look forward to seeing a more diverse group of people feeling comfortable and empowered to express their own original ideas musically.

L: I second that.. and I just want people to feel empowered to think, create, be who they are..to be authentic.

I: I agree with my comrades! It took me a long time to realize that literally anyone can play music... you don’t have to be a rich white dude. Girls should plug in and make noise! It’s empowering and most importantly it’s fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously.


What’s the typical process of writing a new song?

H: Sometimes we spontaneously jam up a new song out of thin air together, but most of the time one of us comes into practice with a new drum beat, or a synth or bass line and we build on it. Lots of voice memos are taken, and we work on it individually out of the practice space, or we demo it on garage band at Izzy's house.

L: Yeah demo days at izzy’s are fun :). Garage band becomes the drummer for a night and I get to just sit back and annoy Halle and izzy with my snacking and dry erase board organizing.


How does fashion help you express yourself?

L: Sometimes I’ll put on clothes to make me feel a certain way, if I want to feel girly or tough or risky I’ll put on a certain item or outfit. Much like how putting on a certain song can change your mood.

I: I agree, It’s cool to play with identity in that way because there’s a multitude of people inside all of us!


What was your most memorable live performance and why?

H: We've been so lucky to have so many incredible unforgettable shows, but personally I was recently reflecting on our show in Baden, Switzerland. It was a festival and we were the only ones playing on this stage. So many people came and it was astonishing to us because we had never heard of this little Swiss town, and also it was the most beautiful place I had ever seen...

L: yeah wow I’m so grateful that we’ve gotten to play so many fun shows, and I miss it! One of my favorites was when we got to curate a month long residency at The Echo in LA. I think it was our first time headlining a show! We got a friend to do some really cool stage sets. We also got to pick all the bands that played with us every week so we were surrounded by friends...and the best part was that we got to keep our gear at the venue and didn’t have to load out each night!

I: We played Paris last year which was exciting because the French are very “enthusiastic” with their crowd vibe if you catch my drift. We all miss Europe.


What are you all working on next?

H: The infamous and daunting album number 2...





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