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0 comments / Posted on by Hana Woodward

 Darrion G. in the Stratocreepers shot by Cooper Sebastian  

Darrion is a dancer, choreographer and creative director based in Los Angeles. With Cooper's eye and Darrions eccentric poses they come together to bring our Stratocreepers to life. Keep reading to get to know a little more about Darrion through our interview with him and more photos of this photoshoot. 



When you’re on stage, how do you feel? 

    Being on stage for me is the like the epitome of what is feels like to be at peace or completely in love. May sound a little cliché but when you really love something it’s almost impossible describe it, because feelings go so much further beyond what words allow. Being on stage for me is pure love.  



    What’s your favorite TUK shoe? + why

      My fav has always been the Viva Mondo Creeper, classic and sleek. I have actually worn them on stage a couple of time; the look and feel it gives me is so different than what I get wearing a heel or a sneaker. Especially for my personal style I love playing with shape and proportions, and the look of the Viva Mondo Creeper is so satisfying to accomplish a very dramatic proportion look. 



      A quote from Butterfly

        Never forget to take a moment and look at how far you come, to clap for yourself and check in with yourself and those you love.  We can get so caught up in accomplishing goals or working that we can forget to take moment and nurture what and who are around us. Life isn’t based on accomplishments but on the moments and experiences that lead to those accomplishments.



        Special thanks to Polaroid Photographer Cooper Sebastian and Polaroid.




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