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 T.U.K. x Noelle Currie

 Noelle Currie is from New York and tattoos out of Yarrow Studio. She customized the Black 10-Eye Gibson Boots with her floral aesthetic. She specializes in floral and nature based imagery. To check out more of her work head to her Instagram.



Tell me about yourself:

My name is Noelle! I’m a tattoo artist based in New York City at Yarrow Studio. I’m originally from New England and truly appreciate a cold beach. I love ice cream and snuggling with my pup, Milo.


How long have you been tattooing for?

I have been tattooing for three years and have loved every second!


What made you want to become a tattoo artist?

I went to school for opera and after pursuing that for a few years in the city, I realized it wasn’t making me happy anymore. I started to pursue art again as a form of stress relief and then started falling in love with creating designs for tattoos. I started looking for an apprenticeship shortly after.


Why did you decide to customize the shoes the way you did?

Botanical illustrations are the main focus of my work and I wanted to focus on some wildflowers and herbs that I love. I chose ones that would naturally fit with shape of each quadrant of the boot. This created a good flow and a hearty collection that could’ve come straight from a walk in the garden.


How was working on this project for you?

It was a blast! Working with leather paint was a new medium for me and I really enjoyed it.


Are you currently working on any other projects?

I’m always working on flash, taking my designs in new directions.  I have a series of art nouveau antiques and tableaus in progress that I’m excited about sharing.


How long have you been an artist for?

I’ve drawn and sketched ever since I was a young child. I took classes all the way through high school, but didn’t really feel like I could devote myself fully to exploring it until I parted ways with opera.


What’s your favorite tattoo that you have & why?

This is a hard one! I have so many wonderful pieces by so many talented friends. I especially enjoy my stomach/ sternum piece. It’s an absolutely gorgeous upside-down bundle of herbs and flowers by John O’Hara. It embodies the thing I love most about tattoos: reclaiming your body and imbuing it with power, confidence, and love.


How were you keeping busy during quarantine?

During our lockdown, I had a lot more time to work with painting and linoleum cut printing. I also taught myself how to juggle!




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