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0 comments / Posted on by Hana Woodward

 T.U.K. x Manuel Mathow


Tattoo artist Manuel Mathow from Berlin customized the White TUKskin™ 3-Buckle Boots. To check out more of his work head to his Instagram



Tell us about yourself:

My name is Manuel Mathow, I have been tattooing in Berlin since 2001 and I recently had the honor of designing T.U.K. shoes.


How long have you been tattooing for?
I have been painting or drawing since I can remember. Over the years, my work has always changed until I came up with the style that I tattoo or draw today. In the tattoo industry, these designs are known as newschool.
Newschool is a mixture of comics, graffiti, street art and traditional tattoo motifs. This style is characterized by clear lines and many bright colors. A mix of biomechanics, fractal shapes and the new school just described can be seen on the shoes I have designed.


Why did you decide to customize the shoes the way you did?
I painted the shoes in the biomechanical style because I haven't been allowed to tattoo this type of motif for a long time. In my opinion, biomechanics is no longer as much in demand as it was in the 90s or the early 2000s. It has currently become a niche product in a niche (the newschool) of the Tattoo Circus and has therefore matured into something very special, out of the ordinary. I had the same feeling about these shoes and thought it would be a good idea to combine these two things.





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